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How your personal information is used by Just Mortgages and the Just Mortgages family of companies… Your information will be held electronically by Spicerhaart Group Services Limited, which is a processor of information for our trading names such as haart, Felicity J Lord, Chewton Rose, Haybrook, Darlows, Butters John Bee, B.C.Holt, Howards, Just Mortgages, Spicerhaart Corporate Sales, Land & New Homes and Valunation which are trading brands owned by the Spicerhaart Group. Further information on our group of companies can be found at


This Privacy Policy forms part of Spicerhaart Group Services Limited (“Spicerhaart”) obligation to be open and fair with all individuals whose personal data we process and to provide details around how we process such personal data and what we do with it.

Spicerhaart is committed to safeguarding the privacy of personal data and complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the Data Protection Act 2018, and any future changes in data protection legislation with which Spicerhaart will be required to comply.

When selling, purchasing, renting or financing a property (including surveying services) through our group we process your personal data such as name, address, contact details, email address and passport amongst other things. Processing of this data implies collecting, storing, using or disclosing your personal data.

If You consent to be notified of, or receive other products or services from Spicerhaart, or use any of our websites, You may be provided with further privacy notices which may be contained in a separate policy or within any terms and conditions. These additional privacy notices shall supplement this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy relates to the processing of personal data by Spicerhaart and any of its subsidiaries and high street brands. Unless otherwise stated, all references to “we” or “our” shall imply all Spicerhaart lines of business that process personal data.

None of the lists or examples provided in this Privacy Policy is intended to be exhaustive or fully representative of every individual.

Your information

The scope of this Privacy Policy covers client personal data in respect of the following:

  • Ways we use your Personal Data Definitions of Personal Data types
  • Collecting Personal Data
  • Using Personal Data
  • Fraud Protection Agencies (FPAs)
  • Disclosing Personal Data
  • Retaining Personal Data
  • Securing Personal Data
  • Sharing Personal Data
  • International Data Transfer
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Updates / Amendments
  • Third-Party Websites
  • Consents (“Opt-in”)
  • Withdrawal of Consent (“Opt-out”) Our Details
  • Ways we use your Personal Data

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